5 Moving Safety Tips

Everyone knows that moving isn’t an easy task, especially if you have to move and pack your belongings with many kids. Amidst the excitement of moving into a new home, most people forget to take extra precautions for personal safety and end up with problems. If you want to make it to your destination in one piece, check out these moving safety tips!


5 Moving Tips for Your Safety


Do you want to get to your new location safely? These tips can help!


1.   Declutter Your Belongings


There’s no reason you should pack hundreds of items and accessories in one box just because they will fit. Learn the art of decluttering and get rid of things that you don’t need. Having fewer items to pack and carry will reduce your chances of tripping over something or straining yourself carrying heavy loads. Start decluttering a few weeks before your move and donate or sell items that are no longer required. Instead of filling the boxes up to the top, make a general rule of not packing more than 50 pounds.


2.   Secure the Boxes Properly


Imagine what would happen if you failed to pack your boxes properly or forgot to tape them shut? Instead of filling your belongings in one large box, divide them into medium and small-sized containers. This way, one person can easily lift a box without hurting themselves. Muscle strains and pulled backs are the most commonly reported injuries people experience during the moving process. Once you have filled a box, lift it to make sure that it doesn’t fall apart. Secure the box by adding extra tape as needed.


3.   Wrap Sensitive Items with Care


Make sure to secure your knives, glasses, plates, and forks properly before packing them. Wrap them in a cloth to ensure they don’t fall out or break when moved. To protect yourself from sharp edges, you can also use bubble wrap for knives or forks. Once the boxes are ready for transportation, mark an X or stick a “Fragile” sticker on them, so the movers know that the packages must be handled with caution.


4.   Dress Properly


You should make sure to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while moving. Put on a pair of jeans and a lightweight shirt. If you are overseeing the move yourself and lifting boxes, it obviously won’t be a good idea to wear heels, flip-flops, long dresses, skirts, or anything else that can be a tripping hazard. Focus on your clothes being breathable and soft, so you don’t sweat excessively and overheat during the move.


5.   Ask for Help


If you feel like you won’t handle the move on your own, don’t hesitate to ask for help. You can either consult a moving company to assist you during the move or request close friends and family to lend a hand. Many hands make light work, and this will also help you avoid injury from overworking.


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