Author: Mary Black

Do Grocery Store Slip-and-Falls Count as Personal Injury?

rocery stores are where many people spend a lot of time. Because so many of us find ourselves at the grocery store at some point of the day or week for dinner staples, snacks, household essentials, and so on, it’s no surprise the grocery store sees a lot of incidents. Slip and falls are one […]

The Biggest Factors that Affect Water Quality

Great water quality is essential in all households. We all want perfect water quality, right? You may wonder, what even is water quality? Water quality means how pure or clean water may be. Poor water quality from improperly or never treated water can result in a chemical imbalance that is dangerous for the health. Some […]

Everything You Need to Know About Hot Water Heaters

Winter is nearly here. Unfortunately, that means you need to make sure all your heating appliances are working and ready to go. One of the most essential appliances for colder weather is your water heater. While an efficient hot water supply is essential all year-round, it’s particularly necessary in cold, winter months. Whether you’re taking […]

Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Faulty Thermostats

Thermostats are the driving force behind you and your family’s comfort living in the home. While the thermostat may seem like a straightforward component of your system, it’s actually complicated. When your thermostat isn’t working right, it will undoubtedly disturb your peace. Have you ever thought about what disruption could be caused if your thermostats […]