Can I Sell My Phone To A Pawn Shop?

Maybe you’re doing a bit of spring cleaning and I found an old phone that has no use anymore. Where can you sell a phone that can still make you a bit of cash without having to be the salesperson? A pawn shop can be the best solution to sell your phone!

How Do I Sell A Phone To A Pawn Shop?

It is important to note that some pawn shops take cell phones, while others won’t. This can be in regards to both pawning and selling.Pawn shops that do purchase cell phones will go through the usual process of valuing your phone and making you an offer. There may be room for negotiation.

Is There A Certain Phone A Pawn Shop May Pass On?

When it comes to devices like phones and tablets, pawn shops that buy them are looking for newer or recent models. For example, if you were trying to sell an old flip phone or older style device that is not used anymore, a pawn shop will no doubt pass on this item.

Benefits Of Selling To A Pawn Shop?

Selling to a pawn shop is something many people do when it comes to getting rid of older items that take up too much space in the home, or other antiques that have no value to them. There are many benefits that come with selling to a pawn shop, such as:


Instant Payment

Pawn shops make a payment the same day, so you don’t have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail or for a bank transfer!


No Having To Navigate Through Apps Or Marketplaces

If you’re considering a pawn shop, you probably don’t have time to navigate through selling apps or marketplaces to try and sell your phone. Selling to a pawn shop is a quick and relatively easy process, taking the item off of your hands and giving you money the same day!


Makes It Easy To Get Rid Of Something

If this is a phone that has just been taking up space in your office or bedroom drawer, you can get rid of it in one day by taking it to a pawn shop!


Many pawn shops pawn and sell cell phones, all you have to do is call to confirm. The selling process is easy, so you can visit a Fontana pawn shop or Ontario pawn shop to learn more about getting an offer for your old unused cell phone! Sell your old cell phone, and use the money to buy yourself something but you can actually use and appreciate. If your family has upgraded their cell phones and they don’t know what to do with their older models, offer to take the phones to a pawn shop for an offer from a friendly pawn broker. You may be pleasantly surprised by the offer for a cell phone or two that have been tucked away in your junk drawer!

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