Do Grocery Store Slip-and-Falls Count as Personal Injury?

rocery stores are where many people spend a lot of time. Because so many of us find ourselves at the grocery store at some point of the day or week for dinner staples, snacks, household essentials, and so on, it’s no surprise the grocery store sees a lot of incidents. Slip and falls are one of the most common incidents that can be escalated to personal injury claims if there is proof of injury and evidence of negligence that incited the incident. Grocery store slip and fall incidents happen, too.


Grocery Stores and Slips

You may wonder, why would anyone slip at the grocery store? There are a few reasons for slip and fall incidents at a grocery store. Some of the reasons slip and fall accidents may occur are:

  • Someone may mop up a spill and forget to put up a sign warning patrons
  • There may be a spilling of something, i.e. milk, syrup, or some other liquid, that no one has addressed and can also lead to slips
  • There are improperly positions or misplaced entrance and floor mats
  • There is cracked, damaged or uneven pavement in the parking lot or sidewalk of the store


Can I File a Lawsuit if I Slip at the Grocery Store?

Grocery store managers and employees have a responsibility to make sure customers are shopping in safe conditions. If you slip in a grocery store due to a spill or discarded grocery items, you may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit. If the store management failed to clean up a spill even after a reasonable amount of time passed, issued no warning about the spill, or were notified about the spill but didn’t do anything about it, then you have the proof to file a personal injury lawsuit.

After a Grocery Store Slip and Fall

If you suffer a slip and fall incident at a grocery store, inform store management, take videos or photos of the incident, get eyewitness information and testimonies, ask for surveillance footage (if a store manager refuses to share the footage, seek a personal injury attorney as soon as possible), seek medical attention, and sit down with a personal injury attorney if you believe you have the proper evidence to file a suit. By working with a personal injury attorney, you may have a chance to receive compensation for your injuries.


We go to grocery stores daily, never thinking an injury could occur there. Of course, injuries can occur anywhere, and if the slip and fall incident you were in was caused by the management’s negligence, you may be entitled to filing a personal injury claim for compensation. This compensation can cover medical treatment and loss of wages if unable to work. The key is to sit down with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to consult with your grocery store slip and fall claim. Looking for a personal injury attorney in Ontario? Reach out to the attorneys at Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel.














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