Fun Party Games for the Whole Family!

A party can bring your entire family together to celebrate a variety of reasons! Whether a birthday party, graduation party, or just because you want to come together with your closest friends and family, you may want to find a couple of party games for those moments where the talk seems to wind down, the food has been eaten, and your guests are waiting to see what else happens! You want to go with games that can be fun for the whole family, no matter what age. Here are a few fun party games the whole family can enjoy!


Musical Chairs!

You can’t go wrong with this classic party game. Simply make two lines of chairs with their backs to each other, play a popular tune, and watch the giggles commence! As your guests try to claim the last few chairs, you’ll be surprised with how many guests will want to participate. Offer a dessert basket or gift card as an incentive and watch the competition grow!


Sticker Stalker!

This game is perfect for holiday parties and baby showers. Hand guests two sheets of stickers and they must place a sticker on other guests without the other guests noticing. If someone notices the person placing a sticker on them, the person must then accept a sticker from that person. Whoever uses up their entire sticker sheets wins! This is a very sneaky and exciting game for all guests to enjoy.



A tried and true classic party game for all reunions of different sizes! With charades, divide into teams. Then one player goes up and tries to present a movie title, actor, animal, etc., by miming actions to get their team to guess. Charades has long been known as the perfect party game to stir up some laughs!


Dancing Chain!

Pop some tunes on and get everybody out of the seats! The Dancing Chain game works like this: one person wiggles their hips, then the person after them wiggles their hips and adds jazz hands, then the third person wiggles their hips, does jazz hands, and adds their own move. It’s basically a memory game that involves a lot of dancing! Perfect for the whole family, and all you have to do is put your best dancing shoes on.



Break out the old Twisert mat! An oldie, but a goodie, having guests trying to keep their feet and hands on the colored circles without falling is a perfect game to break through any boredom. Make sure to have some extra party snacks around, because you can work up a sweat with this party game!


Trying to come up with party games guests can enjoy can be difficult. The five listed above are simple, classic, and may make your guests want to keep playing another round or two, or three. If you’re searching for reliable tent rentals in Santa Barbara to accommodate your event and party game space, Town & Country Event Rentals is the stop for you. Now, game on!


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