The Biggest Factors that Affect Water Quality

Great water quality is essential in all households. We all want perfect water quality, right? You may wonder, what even is water quality? Water quality means how pure or clean water may be. Poor water quality from improperly or never treated water can result in a chemical imbalance that is dangerous for the health. Some of the biggest factors that affect water quality are not hard to decipher, but some may even surprise you. Luckily water companies treat water to remove any bacteria and contaminants, but you can take your own preventative measures as well to improve water quality. Here are some of the elements that affect your water quality:


Household Plumbing & Fixtures

It’s no surprise that household plumbing and fixtures can affect the quality of your water. For example, older household plumbing can have potential lead sources, which in turn may lead to dangerous water contamination. Faucet aerators need to be regularly cleaned and replaced to prevent sediment and metal buildup. Make sure to check plumbing and fixtures periodically to see any signs of rusting or damages that could also affect water quality.


Water Usage

Wait, what? You heard that right. Overuse of water can actually affect the quality of your water as well. High water usage can actually strain your water system, especially if you share your water supply with other members in your neighborhood or community. Your community may need to update aging wastewater treatment and delivery systems.



Dumping oil, grease, trash (such as coffee grounds), and other debris down the drain can actually make its way to local sources of water. Grass clippings and leaves can find a way to drainage systems and clog them, while improperly maintained septic tank systems and left behind animal waste can also pollute your water supply if it makes its way there. Water companies can treat and filter pollutants and contaminants that end up in the water supply, but it’s important to take preventative measures and not throw any garbage down the drain or flush prescriptions down your toilet either.


Sediments are an environmental factor that can make their way into your water supply due to a variety of natural resources, such as soil erosion or the decomposition of a living thing. Water, ice, and wind can then carry these particles into bodies of water and later on may end up in your water supply.


Water is everything to us, whether we hydrate, wash ourselves, wash our clothes, use it to cook, etc. So it would only make perfect sense we’d want our water quality and pressure to be at its best. Nowadays, if you are looking to improve your water quality, there’s a variety of filters, water softeners, purifiers, and more. You can consult with a plumbing expert to learn more about bettering your water quality. If you need a plumber in Ontario and surrounding areas, The Original Plumbing Company is your go-to destination for quality service and expert advice on everything plumbing, including water quality tips!


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