Tips to Choose the Best Wall Mirror for Your Space

Choosing the right mirror for your room can give your space a relaxed and elegant look. When it comes to your residential mirrors, they can truly make or break your living space. For example, you should be very careful while placing a wall mirror because it will reflect everything in front of it. Even small mirrors can have a considerable impact on the outlook of your room. Let’s discuss some practical tips to help you pick the correct mirror for your indoor space!


Tips to Choose the Best Wall Mirror For Your Space:


Here are the essential things to consider when picking a wall mirror for your space:


1.   Shape


The shape of any interior decor piece plays a vital role in defining your space. The shape of your mirrors can create a mood and feel for your space, which is why choosing the right shape for your wall mirror is essential. Here are some things to consider with different shaped mirrors.


  • A horizontal shape gives the mirror more width, and it moves your eye along a line. In contrast, a vertical shape gives it more height. For a restrained look, you can use an angular shape like a triangle or a rectangle.
  • If there is a circular piece of furniture, a square mirror is often used. Similarly, if there is a rectangular or square piece of furniture, try to use a round mirror. This creates a perfect contrast and looks great.
  • While placing a mirror in the bathroom, check your lighting. If there are two lamps adjacent to each other, use a circular mirror. And if there is a single lamp, use a more square-shaped mirror.


2.   Style


Choosing the correct style is also necessary because your mirror needs to complement the look of your interior. Look around the room before you start to shop. Try to create a more transitional look.


  • For style, mirrors used in bathrooms are usually more streamlined. In a bathroom, there are various elements like lighting, plumbing, etc. These elements can cause distractions if a detailed mirror is used and make your space look too cluttered. Therefore, you should stick to simple mirrors in your bathrooms.
  • Placing a mirror above your furniture is a great way to decorate. If you have a traditional dresser, you can use a more modern-looking mirror and vice versa. Furthermore, when deciding, look at the entire room and see what is missing. If you have more modern furniture, look for a detailed mirror because it can add character to your space.
  • If your room is filled with simple, modern furniture, mirror frames with shapes, designs, lines, and texture can give the room a nice look. Mosaic-styled frames and different patterns create an eye-catching look when you walk into a room.


3.   Size


The size of the mirror determines the impact it will have on your room. You’ll have to ask if you want the mirror to be a focal point or quietly set in the background. Here are some things to consider:


  • A small mirror on a large wall looks very insignificant, so you should choose a size that correctly fits your wall.
  • If you want your mirror to be more noticeable and the focal point of your room, use a large mirror that stands out. You can also choose a highly decorated frame.
  • To keep your mirror in the background, choose an extra-large mirror so that it becomes a part of your wall.
  • Smaller mirrors can be used to draw attention to specific objects throughout your room.


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