When Should I Repipe My Home?

our plumbing is extremely important, so when it comes to the question of repiping your home, there are a few factors to consider. Repiping your home can be the best choice, or it may still be a little too early if you simply need a few repairs. Don’t live with this doubt for much longer. Here are a few indicators when it’s time to repipe your home.


How Old Are Your Pipes?

This is the first important question to take into consideration. Even pipes have a lifespan. Have your pipes reached the end of theirs? You may be living in an old house that was repiped decades ago. Depending on the material, it may be time to repipe if your plumbing has exceeded its lifespan. Pipes that have exceeded their lifespan may also show signs of deterioration that signal it is time to be replaced. Piping lifespans are as follows:


  • Galvanized Steel- 20-50 years
  • Cast-iron- 75-100 years
  • Copper- 50 years
  • Brass- 40-70 years
  • Plastic (PEX, PVC, CPVC)- Indefinitely


If your pipes have reached the end of their specified lifespan, it may be that time to repipe your home. There are also factors to take into consideration, such as what kind of conditions your piping has faced. For example, piping that has faced harsh weather conditions may need to be replaced before the end of its lifespan.

Have You Been Noticing Trouble?

Have you been noticing that some of your pipes are exposed? Is there yellow or brown water coming out of your sink or bathtub? Have your pipes been rattling, shaking, banging against the wall, whistling, shrieking, or making other excessive noises that disrupt your household? Are you dealing with frequent leaks to the point where it’s past excessive? These are all signs that it may be time to repipe your house. When your pipes are deteriorating, making too much noise, and having too much trouble containing leaks, there’s no other solution.

Having Other Issues With Your Water?

Dealing with low water pressure, brown water, rusted water, and extreme temperature changes in your water? Has your water even started to taste or smell bad? If you’re having too many problems with your water and can’t seem to find the culprit, it will most likely be your pipes. Save yourself the time and headache of dealing with constant issues like these. Repiping your home may simply be the most sensible solution.

Get Your Pipes Checked By Plumbing Experts

Are you suffering from leaks, low water pressure, and other problems that could signal your pipes are faulty, but your pipes are relatively new or in excellent condition? Let a plumbing professional check out your plumbing and make sure everything is in tiptop shape! Need a plumber in La Canada Flintridge or a plumber in Los Angeles? Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is the team to trust! Whether you are considering repiping, or are unsure if you’ve reached that need yet, get the professional opinion of one of our plumbing experts for reassurance!

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