Military Family’s Guide to Buying and Selling Homes

sn’t owning your own house a dream that everyone strives to achieve? For military personnel who frequently have to move from one place to another, dealing with the process of owning your own home can be pretty complicated.


However, when buying or selling a home, you need to think about things, such as financial costs and budgeting, before you proceed. For a military family, it is essential to think about the long-term consequences of homeownership, especially if you won’t be living in a place for a long time.


What to Consider When Buying a Home for a Military Family?


The most important question you should ask yourself when buying a home is whether you have enough money and if you will be able to purchase the house or not. When you buy a house, it is a long-term investment. You will need to cover monthly mortgage installments and additional home expenses. In addition, you will also have to keep money aside for unexpected costs, such as repair fees and appliance replacements.


When Should a Military Family Sell Their Home?


If you already own a home and are moving to another place for active duty, then selling a home in such a short time can be tricky. For a quick sale, you can approach a traditional realtor who will help move along the process of selling the property.


If you have enough contacts, then you can also consider an independent sale. Look for military organizations that help you sell the house and list it to get the best profit on your sale. If possible, have someone you know and trust keep an eye on the house until it sells.


Military Housing Options


When looking for a place to live, military families have various options that traditional families don’t.


Government-Owned Housing


The Department of Defense owns these houses to allow military families to have a reliable place to live when they are stationed. The military typically covers the rent and the basic utility bills if you live in this type of housing.


Private Owned Housing


Managed by privately-owned companies or landlords, this is another housing option. The military will still provide families with a basic allowance to cover both rent and utility costs.


Off-Base Housing


As military personnel, if you want to raise your children in a simpler environment, you can opt for off-base housing. This housing is not military-based, which means you will have to cover all the costs yourself.


How to Plan for Buying or Selling a House if You Are a Military Family


Deciding when to buy or sell a house for a military family can be slightly more stressful when compared to other families. If you are on the move regularly, consider your future goals before locking yourself into this type of commitment.


Ask yourself, how long will you plan on staying in one place, and when do you move away? If you have retirement goals, ask yourself if you would like to settle down in a specific place long-term. Also, make sure that the market is stable enough when buying or selling a house, so you don’t regret your decision later. You should also consider taking military assistance through different programs to help speed up the buying or selling process.


Contact a Reliable Financial Advisor to Discuss Your Needs

Contact a qualified Lancaster refinance company to discuss your options if you want more information on buying and selling your home as a military family.

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