When Are Car Repairs Covered By Insurance?

hen your car starts needing repairs here and there, you may start fearing for your bank account. Especially when these are costly repairs that result from a car accident or other situation that ended up causing quite a lot of damage. You may have already started to think about how to move your finances to cover repairs, but you may not have to tap into your budget just yet.

The truth is that some car repairs can be covered by insurance, depending on the circumstances of course. When your insurance covers car repairs, you (and your wallet) can breathe a little easier. What car repairs can your insurance cover? It can vary depending on the insurance coverage you may have, but some car repairs covered include:


Car Collision Repairs

If you are in a car accident, it’s more than likely your car is going to need a few repairs. Car collision insurance does cover car repairs that result from a collision out of your control. This can include anything from scratches and surface damage, to bigger costly repairs such as those involving an engine, car bumper, etc.


Vandalism on your car can happen anywhere, and when you least expect it. Luckily, some insurance companies do provide comprehensive coverage for auto repairs that may have resulted from vandalism. Car vandalism can be defined as anything from slashed tires, broken windows and taillights, spray paint damage, and dents or scratches (such as someone keying your car).

Weather Damage

Weather can get out of control, and it can cause damage to a variety of properties, including your car! If your car acquires damage after a storm (especially a hail storm), your insurance company should be covering these damages through comprehensive coverage.

Collision & Comprehensive Coverage

Insurance companies often offer both comprehensive and collision coverage together. Collision coverage, as the name suggests, is the insurance that covers auto repairs when it comes to a vehicle accident. Comprehensive coverage can allow your insurance to cover vandalism to your car, weather damage, theft, and other events that cause your car to need repairs. These other events can also include falling objects that strike your car, such as a rock or branch. Basically, other damaging situations to your car outside of a collision may be covered by comprehensive auto insurance coverage.

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